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                                        Core Values
                                        • Virtuous: Cautious Inclusive Sincere
                                        • Benedict: Practical Perserverance Syncretic
                                        • Innovation: Exploration Creation Dominate
                                        • Excellence: Advanced Superb Outstanding
                                        Cultural Activities
                                        • Annual Meeting

                                          We cherish the moments of summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, uniting our members, sharing the fruits of the harvest of the year, and feel the joyfulness of the enterprise growth and draw a brilliant chapter of the future of Techand.
                                        • Interest Sports Meeting

                                          We are dedicated Techand, and also happy Techand. Through Interest Sport, everyone's heart will be closely linked. We feel the passion of life in the Interest Sport.with firm team spirit.
                                        • Eco-tourism

                                          Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Yunnan, Jiuzhai Valley...we all have been there, where is the place of company-paid tour next year? Of course, the most interesting and yearning one, to you!
                                        • Recreational Activity

                                          Happy work, healthy life, is the purpose of Techand. Weekly activity of badminton, basketball, football, climbing, cycling, karaoke ...... adds countless brilliant color to life in Techand.
                                        • Surprise

                                          We have many ways to help our employees to seek for the perfect balance between work and life. Birthday party, movie, Christmas gift exchange, afternoon tea, all these has shown the Techand life full of love.