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                                        ECO-ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

                                        We are therapists of nature, help the ecosystem which is contaminated and damaged for its recovery of the service function, and we are committed to provide comprehensive solutions and services of ecological assessment, environmental assessment, planning and design, governance technology, project management, comprehensive project operation for our clients in the fields of water ecological restoration, contaminated soil remediation, mining restoration, slope restoration, environmental protection and energy conservation as well as resource recycling, taking firm steps of comprehensive effect service.

                                        1 Water Ecological Restoration

                                        Yining Houtan Wetland
                                        Yunnan Dianchi Lake · The Eco-Construction & Economic Experimental Zone 

                                        2 Remediation of Contaminated Soil

                                        Chenzhou Milltailings Governance
                                        Lanzhou Pengjiaping Central Ecological Park

                                        3 Mining Restoration

                                        Guangzhou Before and After the Repair of the Quarries of Nansha District

                                        4 Slope Restoration

                                        Shenzhen Before and After the Repair of Yabao Tunnel On Nanping Expressw

                                        5 Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

                                        Suzhou  Precious Belt Bridge -Tantai Lake Environment Renovation

                                        6 Resources Recycling

                                        henzhen Biological Organic Fertilizer Factory