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                                        ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE

                                        We are stylists in heaven and earth, to portray gorgeous scenery as if it’s made by nature. We actively to put landscape aesthetics into practice under the large pattern of building a beautiful China, integrate creative arts and humanistic feelings on the basis of eco-technology to the essence and beauty, showing functions and effects of eco-technology in a unique art form, writing splendid chapter of “perfection combination of ecological technology and environmental art".

                                        1 Municipal landscape

                                        • Chenzhou West River Wetland Park
                                        • Zhuhai Improvement of City Greening Landscape

                                        2 Commercial Landscape

                                        • Shenzhen OCT Bay
                                        • Sanya Haitang Bay International Shopping Center
                                        • Shenzhen COCO Shopping Park
                                        • Sanya Yalong Bay St. Regis Hotel Villa

                                        3 Stereoscopic Greening Landscape

                                        In 2016, we established the stereoscopic greening subsidiary company - Shenzhen Techand One Environment & Technology Co., Ltd., upholding the greening ecological concept of serving for the society with technology, we have been dedicated to provide one-stop services in related products, design, construction and maintenance of ecological proof, ecological green wall, ecological balcony, ecological courtyard, sponge city and forest city construction for our customers.1

                                        At present, we have gained 1 registered technological achievement, 42 patents, 16 papers, received various achievements such as China Landscape Architecture Science&Technology Award, Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Science&Technology Award, Energy Protection & Low-Carbon Contribution Model Award.

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                                        • Shenzhen Techand Ecology Office
                                        • Shenzhen Hanking Peak Boulevard